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Supply Chain Essentials

Logistics platform

  • Agency: Market Gravity
  • Client: Maersk
  • Date: March 2019
  • Launch: October 2020

Supply chain management is a hypercompetitive market. It’s becoming more commoditized and new, agile digital players are entering. We knen we need to drive that Maersk current SCM offering sits out of reach for the smaller players, seen as either too expensive or too complex.

We seized the opportunity to remove these barriers to entry an efficient and fully controllable supply chain system. And create a new, accessible product for underserved businesses, going from post-it to prototype in just under 12 weeks.

The challenge

How does Supply Chain Essentials look like?

The task was to design a lean and flexible version of the main SCM platform, test it with the key users in the supply chain (suppliers, vectors, distributors and retailers) and coordinate with the Maersk design team to build a pilot.

The process:
  1. Familiarise with the supply chain industry
  2. Identify the target customers and understand them
  3. Prototype and test with real users
  4. Coordinaste the teams and kickoff pilot program

Target customers

Small and medium enterprises

Customers are stuck in the everyday and lack the time to focus on improving their supply chains and growing their business. Supply chain information is often scattered, complex and unreliable; key information comes too late to take action. Actions are spread across many parties and means of communication, leading to human errors causing problems down the line.

Main needs:
  1. Require a service that goes beyond pure freight forwarding
  2. More control and visibily over the current processes
  3. Manage with ease from a few hundred to a thousands containers
  4. Integration with current systems (like excel)

Global Logistics Director
Global Logistics Director
George needs a birds eye view on all logistics operations. He has to ensure that the entire process plays out within the framework and strategy he set.
Logistics planner
Logistics Planner
Paula plans and monitors the flow of goods, coordinating operations between the external manufacturers, internal logistics departments and warehouse operators.
Outbound manager
Outbound Manager
Otto controls the outbound flow of finished products from factories to end destinations, dealing with logistics service providers in different regions.
Inbound manager
Inbound Manager
Ivana deals with importa compliance rules and customs requirements across the globe and makes sure all deliveries from hundreds of manufacturers are on time.

Proposition Design

Supply chain essentials, aka "FLOW"

Supply Chain Essentials enables customers to manage the flow of your goods and documents from factory to market. The digital platform provides customers with all the information, milestones and alerts they need to manage their supply chain. Suppliers, service providers and their partners are empowered to take the right action at the right time.

Key features:
  • Activity tracking - all operations in one place
  • Alerts and notiifications - focusing on what's crucial
  • Collaboration - communicate with ease across departments
  • Performance and reports - getting the most out of all activities.

Customer journey


Bringing the features to life and testing them with real customers ready to get on board with the pilot.
Activity Tracking

Alerts and notiifications



Pilot programme

A partnership with Vitacoco

To accellerate the development of the product and to create a solid iterative cycle, we partnered with an existing Maersk customer, VitaCoco, that was willing to switch to a product better suited for their size and ambitions.

  • Secure a team to work on the iterative cycles
  • Choose a product and a route for our pilot programme
  • Onboard the teams onsite in Brasil and in the US
  • Define KPIs and measure success consistently

Final designs

Taking the wireframes to the next level, applying Maersk brand guidelines and giving more charachter to the interface.

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