Inmarsat - Seashell
Stay connceted even when you leave it all behind


The goal of this project was to engage with a new customer base and validate the proposition through testing the concepts for drinving demand via digital channels.

By using a customer centric approach and a design sprint methodology the team investigated the market opppotunity, defined the proposition and launched an MVP in the USA leisure boat market in just 8 weeks.

Market & Customer Insight
A customer centric approach combining in-depth interviews, guerrilla intercepts, dealer visits and desk research.
Proposition & Prototype
We articulated the proposition including key features and benefits together with a fully responsive landing page.
Customer feedback
Extensive one to one customer interviews to test and iterate the proposition with a sprint based methodology.
In-Market experimentation
We created a fictitious brand and activated an online campaign with Facebook and Google adverts, landing page and fulfilment process.

Target Customer

Leisure Cruisers and Voyagers

Our customers sail mainly for personal enjoyment, planning trips of differnet lenghts. Mixing coastal sailing and fishing (cruisers) or stretching into offshore passages (voyagers). They look for reliable and flexible equipment that brings them confidence, safety and connectivity.

Market sizing

USA leisure boat market

Of the total leisure market of 12M boats in the USA, our addressable market is around 65K boats, size between 12m and 24m, predominantly made up of leisure cruisers and voyagers that spend enough time sailing coastal or offshore and need satellite communications.


Stay connected even when you leave it all behind

We crafted our proposition to meet rational and emotional needs of our customers. It's a single place where they can find high quality equipment and trusted vendros that will be bale to support them in the purchase and installation process.

Customers are able to:
  • Find the right information for their boat
  • Get support from trusted suppliers
  • Install the kit and connect the boat
  • Communicate at sea with calls, texts and emails

Customer journey

Experiment design

Assumptions and hypothesis mapping

The focus of this phase was to understand which hypothesis to test first in order to validate our assumptions around demand and fulfilment. We had to consider what we need validating in the time frame we had (8 weeks) and the budget allocated.

From post-it to prototype

Working in weekly sprint we were able to iterate very fast our designs and test them with customers online.This process included the creation of a fictitious brand and a social media campaign, building a working landing page and a fulfilment system with the suppliers.

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